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Crois Chnoca Breaca Standing Stone

Crois Chnoca Breaca Standing Stone, Uist

Uist or The Uists are the central group of islands in the archipelago that forms the Outer Hebrides of Scotland.

North and South Uist are linked by causeways running via Benbecula and Grimsay.

On a day return to Uist, you can visit Chambered cairn, standing stones and see a very different landscape. With the West coast being mainly low lying areas of machair (sandy soil) in contrast to the rocky landscape of Harris & Lewis being covered in peat bog.

Or a 2-day tour staying overnight giving time to visit chambered cairns, standing stones, Bronze Age occupation site Cladh Hallen, Kelping village, Iron Age broch, area of Viking occupation plus many other places of interest.

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